Novalent Shield+

Longer lasting protection from germs

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Creates a protective shield for your hands

Provides protection up to 24 hours without washing off

Ideal for kids and family

How it works

Novalent Shield works by forming an invisible, non-irritating, waterproof microbiotastic layer that kills bacteria and enveloped viruses by destroying the cell.


In the morning, apply a single squeeze to your hands and spread evenly, allow to dry.


Once applied, Novalent Shield creates a positively-charged layer on the skin, which breaks down and kills microbes that you come in contact with.


The shield lasts for up to 24 hours, and won’t come off when you wash your hands (only as your skin sheds).

Great Product

With the current situation we have had to be much more committed to hand sanitiser in our household. I’ve been struggling to ensure the family is using it regularly. Novalent Shield has been a lifesaver –just one application in the morning and I know everyone is covered for the day. Thanks!

Melanie Bradley

Dry Skin

I know how important hand sanitiser is, but since my skin is easily irritated, it’s tough to use all the time. I made the switch to Novalent Shield and my skin responded straight away, will keep using

Ruby Brooks